Taking up the invitation of many families of students to organize events related to Italian culture, l’ESI tries to carry out every year tours of Italian theater companies in Holland and to favor theatrical performances organized by the students themselves. The aim is to give Italian-Dutch students (but of essentially Dutch culture) a direct testimony of the culture of origin, or of paternal origin, and show them that learning Italian has a value that goes beyond the simple learning of a foreign language.


Pagliaccia Secca
Continuing a long tradition, also in 2022 ESI organized an Italian theater tour for children in the Netherlands. The “La Baracca Theater” of Prato, con Maila Ermini and Gianfelice D'Accolti, proposed the show "The True Story of ... Meatballs”, a funny story where prof. Pagliaccia told how and when ... meatballs were born! The show took place
Saturday 11 June 2022 ad Amsterdam,, at the’Italian Cultural Institute;
Sunday 12 June 2022 a The hague, to the theater The Zeeheldentheater.

Great success and salt… full!


Noi non ci capiamo
Always in 2022, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini and in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, ESI also presented the show “We do not understand one another“, made by “La Baracca Theater” of Prato, con Maila Ermini and Gianfelice D'Accolti, mWednesday 8 June 2022 at the’Italian Cultural InstituteAmsterdam.

Carla Lonzi was an art critic and theorist of feminism, contemporary by Pier Paolo Pasolini. They never met, but a conversation between the two was established at a distance, as her diary testifies. On the scene they imagine that they meet, almost on the eve of Pasolini's death, overcoming mutual distrust in a family context, daily, simple. E’ the dialogue of two misunderstood and rebellious lonely souls, in controversy with the world.

2019 – Following the great success already achieved in 2007, Laura Kibel returned to the Netherlands for ESI with her “Theater of the Feet” . Since 8 up to 10 November at Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Den Haag the enthusiasm of the public of adults and children for the extraordinary skill of the artist and the appreciation for these cultural initiatives by ESI were unanimous.

2018 – After a few years' break, the 16, 17 and 18 November 2018, respectively in Maastricht, Amsterdam e The Hague, ESI presented the show Without Ears of the Company of “Riccardo and Margherita”, inspired by a tale by Luigi Capuana.

Going back to the past:

The 9 and 10 October 2010, at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam and the Zeehelderteather Theater in Den Haag, the company “Theater Game Life” of Piacenza presented the show Frog, from the work of Den Haag writer Max Velthuijs.

The 21 and 22 November 2009, at the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam and the Museon in Den Haag, the Teatro delle Guarattelle by Brunello Leone presented the show Stories of Pulcinella.

In the days 29 and 30 November 2008, respectively at the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam and the Museon in Den Haag, the Puppet Theater Company Burambò presented the show “…Otherwise the black man arrives!“. This show continued a tradition that began many years ago.

In November 2007 indeed, Laura Kibel he took on tour in the cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam e The Hague il suo originale “Theater of the Feet“, which has met with considerable success.

In the first week of February 2007, the Company of Ferrari of Parma he represented the puppet show with great success in Amsterdam and Den Haag “The Fonte Portentosa“.

Going back to the origins, in 1999, l’ESI organized a tour in the Netherlands of “Teatro delle Briciole” of Parma, for the representation of the show “Peter and the Wolf”. The performances took place in the cities of Maastricht, The Hague and Amsterdam, recording everywhere the “sold out”.

In the wake of the success of the previous year, always in collaboration with the IIC of Amsterdam, l’ESI he organized in 2000 a tour of “Puppet Theater of the Accettella” From Rome, for the representation of the original fable “The Thousand and One Puppets“. The performances took place in the same locations, enjoying similar success.

The validity of these initiatives has been confirmed, l’ESI and l’IIC they also organized in 2001 a tour of the company of Sicilian puppeteers “Sons of Art Cuticchio” by Mimmo Cuticchio, later nominated by UNESCO “World Heritage Site“, for the presentation of the show “The Grand Duel of Orlando and Rinaldo for the love of the beautiful Angelica“, on this occasion, expanding the number of Dutch locations that hosted the tour.

The 2002 saw the completion of the work Taxed Air, staged by the students of the Oegstgeest courses. After a preview in June at the Rijnlands Lyceum theater in Oegstgeest, the work was presented in Den Haag in September at the De Poort Theater.

In 2003, l’ESI he invited the Theater Company ERBAMIL (Bergamo) to make two representations of the work SYNPHONIA, a “musical clowning” for adults and children, in the cities of Den Haag and Utrecht.

At the same time l’ESI has activated a collaboration with the Department of Education of the city of Den Haag and other theatrical associations, for the staging of works made by their students. In this context, the 20 June 2004 the group “Let's pretend that…”, composed of the students of the Lisse and Oegstgeest courses, he staged the opera in Den Haag The Two Castles, based on a short story by Anna Maria Breccia and produced in collaboration with the theater group The onsetO.

During the last week of May 2004, the Sansfaçon Company of Taranto has made a tour in the cities of Maastricht, The hague, Nijmegen and Amsterdam, for the staging of the opera Odysseus versus Polyphemus, freely taken from Book IX of the Odyssey.