Lens (Foundation) ESI was founded in 1993 in order to take care of the activities related to the Italian language education of Italian citizens residing in the Netherlands and members of their families. Today, in addition to ensuring the organization of Italian Language and Culture courses which established by law 153/71 (and next. additions), l’ESI more generally aims to ensure the promotion of the Italian language in the Netherlands and within Dutch and international schools.

In addition, for the purpose of promoting the protection of Italian culture and identity, l’ESI it also sets out to give rise to those initiatives that can promote this protection, such as the organization of tours of Italian theater companies in the Netherlands and the permanent training of the teachers of their courses (occasionally also through the organization of in-depth cultural stays in Italy for their students and the exchange of educational experiences with Italian schools).

In the fulfillment of its functions, l’ESI is assisted by the Education Office for the Netherlands (currently established at the Italian Embassy in Brussels) who oversees the didactic aspects of the language courses, and collaborates with the Italian Cultural Institute of Amsterdam, with the companions and with theConsular office of the Italian Embassy in Den Haag as regards relations with the Italian authorities.

THE ESI however, it is a private body, autonomous, which has a legal nature qualified by Dutch law, without legal dependence on the Italian institutions.

THE ESI thus intends to continue and expand the activity carried out in the past by COASCIT (School Assistance Committees for Italians), similar organisms that were, however, a direct consular emanation, without Dutch legal standing.

THE ESI makes use of the annual contributions provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out linguistic and cultural promotion activities abroad, and any own sources of income. In resorting to the contributions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, l’ESI it is naturally subject to the constraints and economic-financial controls specifically provided for by the Italian authorities.

For conducting the courses, l’ESI employs Italian tenured teachers, assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and / or locally sourced non-tenured teachers, to whom it provides extensive support for updating and professional training.

At the end of each course theESI issues a "Certificate of Attendance with Profit" having legal value in Italy.

The postal address of theESI is the following:

* ESIItalian School Body in the Netherlands
Benoordenhoutseweg 21
2596 BA- The hague
Netherlands / Olanda

The secretariat is not open to the public.
Currently it is not possible to ensure a telephone permanence.
To communicate with the secretariat and the presidency of the’ESI the email.

* Chamber of Commerce 41133984