Write for yourself,  write for others.

Write in Italian (edited by Loredana Manni)

In the first moments of acquiring a LS / L2, the use of the written language goes hand in hand with the development of the oral one: it is used to memorize, consolidate, reflect. Over time, the spectrum of uses and purposes of writing widens (to remind, communicate news, information, express feelings…): the texts that can be produced range from the shopping list to the compilation of a questionnaire on personal characteristics; from a greeting card to a memo / note about the content of a phone call.

As long as you get beyond. We arrive at the stage of wanting to promote the story of oneself, of important stages and themes of one's personal history and so on.

In one of the courses, having been fortunate to have extremely creative and motivated students, I decided to have their written productions sent to me for correction, but with the proviso of sharing them at the same time with the other students. Reason? Not for competition, not as a challenge (which also appeared, Fortunately!), but to look at the language through the eyes of the other, from a different point of view. We used photographs of Holland or the country of origin as elements / stimuli, drawings, remember, questions.

At this point, always by mutual agreement, we have decided to extend the sharing to students of other levels and to those who want to "travel" with us.

Here are some examples of the work done. Happy reading e, i hope, good writing

Interview.pdf (7081 download)

The interview (Kees)

Hero-of-Haarlem.pdf (7219 download)

The hero of Haarlem (Love)

Manneke-Pis-.pdf (6989 download)

Manneke Pis (Ingrid)

Repelsteeltje.pdf (7048 download)

Repelsteeltje (Erna)

San-Servasio.pdf (6870 download)

San Servasio (Love)

Well-dressing.pdf (7041 download)

Well dressing and historical English football (Patric)

Nuclear-energy.pdf (6863 download)

Nuclear energy (Kees)

De-Bokkenrijders.pdf (7503 download)

The Goat Riders (Kees)

The-twisted-spire-1.pdf (6834 download)

The twisted spire (Patric)