ESI and the Italian Institute of Culture,
in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy,

Laura Kibel in:


Friday 16 November 2007 – Ore 16.00:
The American Int. School – Verhulstlaan 21 – ROTTERDAM

Saturday 17 November 2007 – Ore 16.30:
Italian Cultural Institute – Keizersgracht 564 – AMSTERDAM

Sunday 18 November 2007 – ore 16.30:
Museum – Stadhouderslaan 37 – THE HAGUE

This puppet theater is the only one where i “puppets” they are alive, in flesh and bone; in fact the protagonists of the short stories without words that make up the show, are just the body parts of Laura Kibel, who dresses and transforms his feet, his legs, hands, knees and more in fantastic creatures who love, suffer and have fun. This extraordinary animation technique surprises and enchants every spectator who sees the soles of the feet transform into living and expressive faces in front of his eyes., or a knee becoming a funny bald head in a succession of ironic dramaturgies, poetic or irreverent. You don't need words to describe a show that doesn't use words. This original visual theater makes use of the support of music of great suggestion and impact, capable of underlining the gestural narrative overcoming the boundaries of language. (From Laura Kibel's website: