(updated to 21 June 2021)

By order of the Dutch government, in April 2021 elementary schools were again authorized for traditional teaching “in-presence”. In the case of (suspected) contagion of even a single pupil, his entire class must be temporarily closed and all pupils undergo testing procedures.

However, extra-curricular activities remained prohibited (after-school activities, “Clubs”). Since ESI courses are in fact extra-curricular activities, with pupils from different schools, the provision forbidding them to be carried out in-presence applied to them. In this situation therefore, all ESI courses continued in April 2021 in remote mode.

Subsequently, after-school activities were also authorized (with respect for the appropriate protocols safety). ESI has therefore restarted some in-attendance courses, where the families of the students have shown themselves to be in agreement. Whereas families have preferred to complete this school year with distance learning courses, the ESI has maintained the modality “at-distance”.

We are confident that all courses for the next school year will resume in September 2021 in traditional mode “in-presence“.

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