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Schede di Accertamento Linguistico dell’alunno
At the beginning of the current school year 2020/21 most of the courses were opened in traditional in-person mode. However, due to the subsequent evolution of the epidemic and the resulting government provisions, in December 2020 all courses have switched to mode “at-distance”. Currently… Read more
corsi individuali
The CILS exams for obtaining the Italian Certification for all levels(including B1-Citizenship) will take place THURSDAY 10 JUNE 2021 at the ESI headquarters in Den Haag. Deadline for registrations: 30 April 2021. More information

Enrollments for the school year 2021/2022 will be open from 1 May 2021. Applications for registration can be sent by completing the relevant online forms. New courses can be organized wherever there is a sufficient number of requests. ESI also organizes individual courses for each need. Thanks to the experience currently acquired,  ESI also intends to regularly offer courses “at a distance”, with modalities to be agreed according to requests. Registration forms
Organizzazione dei corsi
The training offer is developed on the three levels of education, of teaching, and the organization, and is aimed at students, to teachers, to families and all personnel involved in the training process. An eclectic approach is used that favors the acquisition of communicative competence through the fundamental moments of listening, of speaking, of reading and writing. Read more    

corsi esi Olanda
As an integral part of the Italian language and culture learning courses, the students (adults and children) they are encouraged and guided by teachers to develop specific teaching projects, such as projects to facilitate the approach to Italian literature and the analysis of the text, or the ideation and writing of fantastic stories. Go to Projetti

progettare insieme
ESI is a Stichting (Non-profit organization) under Dutch law, which organizes Italian language and culture courses throughout the territory. Therefore, ESI does not have a “school building”, but uses premises in schools, cultural centers, etc. In choosing teachers, we turn to native teachers who have a specific degree and / or experience or certification in teaching Italian LS or L2. Read more