ESI is a Stichting (Non-profit organization) under Dutch law, which organizes Italian language and culture courses throughout the Netherlands. ESI therefore does not have a "school building", but uses premises in schools, cultural centers, etc. In choosing teachers, we turn to native teachers who have a specific degree and / or experience or certification in teaching Italian LS or L2.

In consideration of the current Dutch legislation on fixed-term employment contracts in force since 2016, the ESI is unable to offer employment contracts to their teachers, but proposes contracts for temporary services to freelancers (equivalent to the Italian “VAT numbers”), with all related charges borne by the latter, what taxes, compulsory health insurance and possible pension.
As the number of teaching hours per month is generally limited, it should be borne in mind that the ESI salary alone is not normally sufficient to be able to live in the Netherlands, in the absence of complementary activities.

Proposals for teaching collaboration can be freely sent, together with a CV, to secretariat ESI.


In the past, ESI has repeatedly hosted young Italian students / graduates, allowing them to complete different internship experiences at one or more of its courses. The completion of the internship hours within a few weeks was made possible by the existence in many cities of courses for children (in the afternoon) and for adults (it will be) in the same locality, with the possibility of a relatively rapid accumulation of the required hours.

For a few years, Unfortunately, courses for adults were excluded from the Italian ministerial contributions and therefore excluded from ESI activities, with the exception of some courses held in modality “private” in the city of Den Haag (Heap). This situation actually makes it difficult for the trainee to complete the required number of hours within a reasonable time, as the actual internship in most locations would be (with a few exceptions) limited to a few hours per week (one or more courses of 1,5 hours once a week!).

However, ESI is available to examine any internship request.